I have never been more impressed by a product so quickly. Not only the Face & Eye cream (which does all it promises, feels incredible, leaves my skin so soft & smells yummy) but all the products I’ve tried. I adore all the skin masks and the Magnesium moisturizer is incredible.


This stuff is SO yummy. SO good I literally have to stop myself from using it all up in one go!! Not only are all of the ingredients good, pure and helpful for our skin, but it’s SO scrubby! The coffee grounds as an exfoliant are brilliant and so satisfying at scratching all the itches as I was the day off of me! Never found such a great washing experience and will never go back to “before”! Thanks RealSimpleSoaps!! Brava!


I received this as a gift. At first I was skeptical, but after looking up the site I opened my mind to try it. I’m blown away. I have tried many facial products that either left my skin oily or dry. The face mask is refreshing and cleansing. The face & eye cream is a great way to end my evening.


I have had a difficult time sleeping through the nite because of nerve pain & restless legs. I started putting the Magnesium Probiotic Lotion on every night before going to bed & I have been sleeping through the night. My nerve pain is gone & my restless legs are gone too. I love this lotion.


This cream is so silky smooth. The fragrance smells of a hint of chocolate and isn’t overpowering. I’ve noticed a difference in my complexion and acne using this cream paired with the Tea Tree & Thyme Probiotic Goat Milk & Kefir Soap. Real Simple Soaps is an amazing company including ingredients and information with the shipment so you know exactly what you are purchasing.